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Anna Burago

Anna (Ania) Burago, is the founder and lead teacher of Prime Factor. She is a math professional, software developer and a book author with a long-time passion for teaching. In her classes, she combines the rich traditions of the Russian-style mathematics for gifted children with her experience of teaching extracurricular math in a US classroom.

Anna grew up in Russia, in St. Petersburg. Her interest for math dates back to her school years in Russia. She was an enthusiastic math circle student who grew into an enthusiastic math circle teacher.

Anna received her first degree in math from the St. Petersburg State University, Russia. Her two Master degrees - in Mathematics and in Computer Science - are both from the University of Washington. For several years, Anna balanced two carreers - in software devepoment and in teaching. These days, she is a full-time math education professional.

Anna is a book author. Her book “Mathematical Circle Diaries, Year 1:Grades 5 to 7 ” is published by AMS (American Mathematical Society, “Mathematical Circles Library” series, 2013). The book contains a full set of materials (lessons and problem sets) for one year of a middle-school math circle teaching.

Anna is involved in a lot of other extracurricular math activities. She is a regular speaker and participant of the MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley) math circle conferences. She is a lecturer at SIMUW (Summer Institute of Mathematics at the University of Washington). Anna taught Math Challenge and Math Stretch for Robinson Center for Young Scholars (UW). She is also a local Math Kangaroo Competition organizer.

Luba Malkina

Luba Malkina got her Masters degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia.

For several years, she was teaching math circles at Northwest Academy of Sciences. She has also been a coach of elementary and middle school math teams that successfully performed in various local and regional math contests.

Luba developed an online interactive elementary school math curriculum for Reasoning Mind, Inc and worked for Perfection Learning, Inc, creating the electronic math textbooks for middle and high school students. Luba taught Math Challenge and Math Stretch summer courses at Robinson Center for Young Scholars at University of Washington.

Luba is a lead teacher for elementary and middle school math circles at Prime Factor.

Katerina Seniuk

Kateryna  (Katie) Seniuk  got her Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine. She has been teaching math, statistics and computer science for 5 years, publishing over 30 articles in various mathematical journals. She also worked as a part of a medical research team, performing medical data analysis and processing. At the same time she always dedicated herself to working with children, engaging them in mathematical and extracurricular projects.

For the past few years, Katie has been designing and programming websites and working as a coach of elementary school math teams, which fulfills her dream of empowering children’s education. Kate joined Prime Factor in 2012. She is looking forward to another exciting year at Prime Factor.

Julia Magidson

Yuliya (Julia) Magidson received a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching from Dnepropetrovsk State University in Ukraine, and enriched her education at Oranim Academic College in Israel. Throughout her career she taught mathematics and computer programming in middle and high schools.

During the last four years in the United States, Yuliya eagerly volunteered at Pacific Cascade Middle School and Issaquah High School as an Instructor in math clubs, helping introduce students to the beauty, variety and challenges of mathematical science. Throughout this time her pupils successfully competed in numerous Washington State Math Olympiads such as Math Is Cool, MATHCOUNTS, Washington State Olympiad, Math Kangaroo, and others.

Her passions are building three-dimensional puzzles, playing mathematical games and solving interesting math problems, and today she is enthusiastic to share her knowledge and experience with young mathematicians in Prime Factor Math Circle.

Vance Morrison

Vance Morrison is a software architect in the Developer Division at Microsoft Corp. He has worked on the Microsoft .NET Runtime (C# platform) since its inception over 10 years ago. He has been involved in performance work and is the author of the PerfView performance tool available on the web. He has written numerous articles/blog entries on performance and code instrumentation for the Windows OS.

Vance is enthusiastic about teaching the next generation of programmers and has been involved in the TEALS program that teaches high school students about programming.

In Prime Factor, Vance teaches “Program Now! An Accelerated Introduction to Computer Programming and Architecture” for students in grades 9-10.


Anna Lakunina received her Bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and in Neurobiology at the University of Washington, where she was part of the UW Academy at Robinson Center for Young Scholars.  At summer, she worked  at Robinson Center  Summer Challenge program, assisting in a class teaching mathematics to 5-6th graders.  Math is one of her passions, and  working with children  is another.

This year, she teaches  Scratch programming classes. She is also apprenticing at our  Math Circles Teacher program.

Tali Magidson

Tali Magidson is an excelling senior in high school, looking forward towards university and studying math and the sciences there. Throughout middle school and high school, Tali has been actively involved in leading math clubs and participating in numerous math olympiads. She has received merit awards in the Math Kangaroo olympiad, WSMC High School Contest, the UW Math Hour Open Olympiad, Math Is Cool Championship, and the Virtual Mathematical Marathon. She loves working with creative kids, having gained teaching experience from instructing skiing for four seasons with Snow Sports Northwest, being on the Issaquah Youth Advisory Board since 2010, and growing up with 3 siblings. Tali is excited to continue her journey in leadership by teaching a Prime Factor math circle.

Prime Factor Math Circle is a nonprofit organization. The goal of Prime Factor is to engage school children in the world of extracurricular mathematics with the purpose of developing their math knowledge, problem solving skills and creative thinking abilities. We have a lot of plans and ideas how to grow and expand. We welcome donations and we will put them to a good use.